What type of leader are you?

Business people


The most effective leadership style is “Vision” that is the fundamental of successful leader. Vision is the most powerful more leadership because vision can set the direction of organisation and it can interpret the potential of the mission that they will manage. Some manages are concerning with the company mission that they are creating the visible outcome as much as they can such as profit, sales, such like. Meantime, many managers are controlling their subordinates to work as a team and concerning personal satisfaction of subordinates. In my opinion, vision is showing the overall capability of the leader both how they treat subordinate and managing style. I will say that when the internal component is perfect, then the external environment or output will come with perfect pieces as well.


Sharing vision to the other is compelling subordinates to perform following the purpose of successful business (Heathfield 2014). Work as a team is the secret to accomplish company’s goals by inspiring loyalty and  caring employees satisfaction. Reflection of strength has encourage employees to believe in own performance and enthusiastic behavior on their work. Vision is the heart of management that improve company potential and consolidating employees loyalty for quality work.



Sir James Dyson, former of Dyson company, is the effective leader who learning from failure of many prototypes that he made. “Never give up” is the key concept to be the successful businessman. He build the error and developed to reach 6 million pounds initially. The effective style is knowledge of Dyson, he is the designer and producer who understand all of process in his company (Davies 2012). Dyson always say about his failure to public and his subordinates to inspire them for work. He is a democratic leader to run their business which opening idea by establishing Dyson award for new innovative design with reward for £30,000 for the international winner and £10,000 for university of winner (Dyson-foundation 2014). Dyson is the open mind leadership and always sharing knowledge to others. In addition, he also have a foundation to pool donation fund and giving to university for education. Therefore, Dyson is the effective leader in the modern time in term of successful business.


The reflection from colleagues shows implicitly meaning to leader for the strength and weakness of managing style. The feedback such as team performance, behavior interpret how good of leadership style you are. Praise and admiration is the simple way to observe that they are agree with your vision. That means of your strength of manager. On the other hand, the ignorance of colleagues is presenting of disagree or the ideas should develop more. In insurance industry, I have an experience of dealing claim with surveyor who conducting site survey and negotiating claim with customers, the frequency of calling is some kind of feedback that shows how good of communication and assigning work to colleagues you have done.



Feedback from colleagues is expressed when contributing trust with your colleagues or building close relationship with them (Proctor 2014). Many times that you have a question about what they are thinking? It is not easy to understand their style but it is very common to hear by following step:

– Open-door policy: inviting them to open their mind

– Asking again and again: Asking is the easiest way but it may not work for some employees

– Having team meal: Arranging team meal can built close relationship with colleagues.

– Make them believe: Building trust and believe in you as team leader.

– Following up

According to above step will help you to get the feedback easily and to be as a team more than ignorance and working as usual.



Eventually, regarding to the 4 blogs that I have written about leadership, I have learn many things about how to become a good leader with different view such as ethical leader, sympathetic leader, effective leader etc. Caring is crucial for working as a team that helps team performance and team relationship among members. Moreover, managing style in different field of work is important for each situation such as the bad things a like force but it helps team in emergency situation. Furthermore, always changing style play important role in the business sector and producing advantage from change. So, to be a good leader is not easily if you are careless personality, think of the others and concentrate to work is the most effective style with surrounding parties.



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14 thoughts on “What type of leader are you?

  1. In my opinion I strongly agree with you that the vision is most important for the leader because it show ability of leader and their goal. Moreover, your example from Sir James Dyson is ver well. Overall, your blog is good.

  2. Good Aspect.
    In my opinion, there are many factor that effect to style of leader. it’s depend to what did you learn and what did u pass for the whole life, that is the reason why we have a vision that different about how to lead, how to talk, and the way they think. Moreover, good to bring the youtube to present in the blog.

  3. I agree with your above mention, your blog is perfect. All leader should have the good vision for working with team and successful the business.

  4. i strongly agree with you about the step for getting the feedback. it is really interesting step because in my view, if we are not close relationship with colleagues, they will not open their mind and speak what they think. So we will not be able to get the useful feedback. thank you for your step. i will try to use.

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