What is the most effective approach to managing the work of subordinates?

The most effective leadership style is crucial because leadership will drive the team toward the goals or objectives among problems and conflictions of team members. The successful team is consisting of 2 important factors which are  the high quality of management and effective leadership style that directly impacted to the team. Those are not the same thing but they are linked together for successful business.


According to the above diagram, the leadership and management have the same purpose that consider company’s solvency and encourage company growth by setting up mission and applying several strategy to reach their goals. The achievement is the major part that leader and manager are involving to obtain by using several strategies with their teams. Managers and leaders are analysing the business environment to create business opportunities to company and measuring organisation performance to improve company standard against competitors in the market. Moreover, the important thing is the both of them should motivate and encourage subordinates with strategic communication and monitoring working performance.


Theory X and Y is developed by Douglas McGregor which the above lists is showing the different between Theory X and Y. Theory X is a commanding style that assigned to work and controlling to work. On the other hand, theory Y is a fairly manage tasks with own decision making and getting involved with team. Theory Y can generated more ideas and effective performance than theory X. Although theory X seems to be better but it depends on situation and criteria of work.

There are a number of differences between leader and manager. The manager tasks are planning, organising, budgeting, problem solving, staffing and clarifying jobs. The manager is monitoring their employees to stick with the plan and focusing to the objective (Ratcliffe 2013). Management is maintaining the performance and controlling structure and system in short range view with work focus. Manager have subordinates that concerning of seniority and have power over the other, manager tell subordinates to do what to do (Changingmind 2014).


Leadership is focusing on people that encouraging them to have inspiration and they do not have subordinates unless they are also managers. The lead needs follower to following of activities. Communication, motivation and inspiration are the general tasks that leader should given to their followers which the following is not benefits to follower by rewards but it would have some advantages such as becoming better people (Changingmind 2014). Developing is the main duty of leader that is relating to people and performance.

According to the CMI, the best approach may vary according to circumstances and individual characteristics (CMI 2013), I strongly agree with CMI because the circumstance is very important and the direction should change follow by the situation and the group members are vital factors that leader concerned. This is the desirable concept for company and employees.

The leadership style is the important behavior that followers are considering to follow and the advantages and disadvantages are depending on the industries and roles. There are 4 styles of leadership as following detail (Benincase 2012):

Pacesetting leader is the self-direction that would be “doing likes I am doing” which is more effective when telling followers who has motivated and skilled. This style will bring a quick result. This style is appropriate with the long relationship team who know what to do.

Secondly, Authoritative leader is the style that focusing on the final goals and moving team by common vision. This style is work well in the situation always changed and need new vision to move forward. There is no explicit guidance but just going with the leaders.

The coaching leaders is helping teammates to build lasting strength. this style is more effective when the teammates are unwilling to do and learn or feels depress. For instance, the coach of football team is always motivate players to win by encouraging speech.


Fourthly, the coercive leader needs compliance form followers when it is in crisis situation or emergency circumstance such as fire emergency or tornado. This is like a force style that pressured by situation. However, this should be avoided.

Lastly, the democratic leader is the democratic style which asking teammates to express or share their ideas and voting the best decision in each situation. Democratic style is most acceptable in the currently situation of business. This style is given the ownership of team to everybody and giving freedom of innovative ideas.

The different styles are relating to the circumstance of business and the organisational culture that consisting of seniority, empowerment, authority and direction. As a member, the most effective style is democratic leadership because the several ideas from members will create the different views that the leader and consider and apply to the current situation. I can share my idea among group members and listen to other views. This is good to lead and follow.



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10 thoughts on “What is the most effective approach to managing the work of subordinates?

  1. The words in the picture that you provided are hard to read, quite small. But overall is brilliant. The structure is good as well as aid like video. Well, is there any particular leadership style that you think it is the worst or unacceptable?

    1. Thank you for your comment, I think it depends on the situation but the Coercive Leadership should be avoided due to the nature of Coercive leader is a forced style.

  2. In my opinion, I think democratic style is the most effective too. But I think the weakness of democratic is politic between your subordinate because if they have different idea and they want you support their idea. Moreover, if you agree with one side, the opponent might dissatisfy and it can affect the rapport in team. So, I would like to ask you how you deal with this problem?

    1. I think there is no perfect thing in the world but team member should share their own view and leader should play their role to make the decision. If there is a contradiction in my team, I will get involved in the work and set up me as a certre.

  3. you can show how diiferent between leader and manger fairly clear. Moreover, your photo about manager and leader that you provided made me clear about the leader and manager. i like it.
    you provided the several style of leadership. Do you think what style of leadership you are?

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