Diverse teams produce better results

“Diverse teams at a workplace or in an organization include people from different ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, genders, departments, ways of thinking and experiences.” (Murdock 2009)


The diverse teams are becoming more common organisational structure creating various benefits to company. The world has changed in globally direction that the demographic trend has fluctuated following by immigration, global business strategy, education and such like (Hamilton, Nickerson & Owan 2004). Then, the diversity of population is obviously found in many developed countries around the world such as United States of America, United Kingdom who are in the frontline of global business presently. The below world map shows the ethnicity of people by each country.


It is distinctly presented that UK, USA, Australia and some countries are in blue area which means there is no traditional ethnic definitions. Diverse workplaces is usually appearing in the organisation that has a lot of heterogeneous employees with different genders, cultures, nationalities and languages. It is physically shown of the difficulty and complexity of working environment but that is the massive change of positive outcomes. There are many proves that diverse team produces better results. Although the diverse team produce better results, the drawbacks should be considered by the same time to improve diverse team performance.

The cross-cultural workplace is the opportunity to motivate self-learning and personal growth to employees in the complex work environment. The complexity of diverse team has an intrinsic benefits underneath the difficult operation (Ingram 2009). The self-learning is exposed from the new ideas with different perspectives from colleagues that help individuals gain intellectually information.

The diverse experience is the vital part of  self-motivation in learning new knowledge from workmates that generating the innovative ideas when combined all ideas together that created better result. For instance, in the insurance industry, there are a number of surveyor company who conducting site investigation on the post-lost damage at the insured premises. Mostly of employees of those companies are engineers. The company who have several fields of engineer such as civil engineer, maniacal engineer and such like will be assigned due to they can share knowledge and produce better solutions.

The diverse team has a comprehensive perspective from the different cultures, backgrounds and work methods that different way to look at the world or business (Murdock 2009). In every countries in the world, people have different understanding and believes that influence the various living style and basic perceptions. Then, the diverse team can do better in perspective because there are many ideas came out from the same thing. Many perspectives is establishing the macro-perspective view from developing group members. the good example is Coca-Cola, they are rice of the diverse people for the sustainable business. They use diversity training as a strategy to developing employees for the global company (Coca-Cola 2014).

Thirdly, the networking is the visible benefit of diverse team that has expanded to be large network than homogeneous group (Murdock 2009). If the group members are from the different country around the world that means they have a wide spectrum of community to contact. The networking or contacts are not based on countries only it can be from specific group of people such as hobbies, genders, business, educations, languages. Specifically, languages have played important role to expanding or understanding people globally that is the first impression to contact other people. There must be a problem from the homogeneous group that can speak only one language please see below video:

The problem of language barrier is directly affected to the company operation that company cannot move forward if we cannot understand each other. Therefore, the diverse team has a massive networking and the language barriers will be demolished. Although the multi-cultural team can create many advantages and benefits to organization for better results, the diverse team is the sword with 2 edges that should be considered the drawback in the same time. The self-learning is the way to develop employees but it can make employees frustrated. Moreover, the languages is enhancing contact to outsider from effective operation however there is an contradiction among the group members. Time wasting could be occurred from the cross-cultural teams.


The diverse team is a bit more difficult to manage but there is 4 steps of Bruce Tuckman to develop the diverse team and produce the best performance (Clarion 2014):

1. Forming – establishing common purpose and standard to objective

2. Storming – addressing tasks and attempting to goals

3. Norming – Starting powerful experience to come together

4.. Performing – high level of trust, unity toward result


In summary, the diverse team is creating many benefits to organisation with the effective results but the drawback should be considered for the high performance operation of company. Before managing diverse team, the group leader should control each member and understanding them.Therefore, the diverse team is the quality way for globalisation.


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12 thoughts on “Diverse teams produce better results

  1. Good you write about the advantages and as well about the disadvantages of diversity. The world map is interesting and contributes to the blog. To further improve, you can add some examples of diversity in companies. BP and Coca Cola have diversity policies for example.

    I fully agree that different natives languages can be a barrier in diversified teams. Explaining something in your own language is still easier than in a foreign language…

  2. Great ! I totally agree with you but I’ve got some question for you
    In the present world, diverse team is an essential issue for organization it is very normal to work with people from different background so if you are in the diverse team what kind of people you want to work with the most?

  3. I have read this blog I think it is a good blog and I agree with you dives team can provide a lot of benefit such as comprehensive perspective, new idea, and so-on. However, you mentioned that it has drawback too. I would like to ask some question. Do you think it will have high conflict between diverse team or not because they are from other culture?

  4. i absolutely agree with you that diverse team can generate a lot of benefits but there also is a problem in diverse team that is language barrier. i would like to ask you some question. how can you develop your diverse team because the diverse team has many different culture people, different background people as a team member?

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